Incredible ‘villa in a rock’ opens to public

If you love having cheeky peeks into other people’s spectacular homes, mark Saturday 6th July in your calendar.

The exterior of Villa Troglodyte. Photo credit: JB Pastor & Fils

Villa Troglodyte, a feat of engineering and energy efficiency built by JB Pastor & Fils, will open its doors for public viewing from 10am to 6pm. The 520 square metre villa is carved out of a giant stone boulder and laid out over five floors.

Located at 21 Hector Otto, the villa is accessed by a footpath from the street level and features an interior swimming pool dominated by the rock it lies within. The sitting area and three bedrooms are situated on the upper levels and can be reached by a glass lift.

The streamlined beauty of this house is but only one aspect of its appeal. The big news is how “green” it is.  Utilising geothermal and solar energies for up to 40% lower consumption compared to other such buildings, and designed with a rainwater collection system, this site is being dubbed an “environmental laboratory”.

“More than just a house, Villa Troglodyte is for us an opportunity to reflect on space and energy,” said the company. “This project involves surveys and studies of what could be the house of tomorrow.”

In accordance with the mandate set forth by Prince Albert, the villa’s design is environmentally-friendly in terms of energy efficiency and carbon footprint control.

So take a break from the beach this Saturday and head to Villa Troglodyte. Entry is free.