Innovative solutions propel the 2024 Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Agility, endurance, innovation and sustainability are the key themes of this year’s Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, an event designed as a laboratory and showcase for the most creative concepts and uses of marine technology.  

With the 11th edition well underway at the Yacht Club de Monaco, Niki Borisova of Monaco Life headed down to the quays on Thursday 4th July to meet with the student teams from around the world who have come to the Principality to showcase and test out their innovative designs that feature the latest technologies, materials and eco-conscious propulsion systems. 

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Though the competition is split into three distinct classes – the Energy Class; the Solar Class, where participants design boats that rely exclusively on solar power; and the Open Sea Class, which includes vessels that are already on or are about to enter the market – all were present for the manoeuvrability trials on Thursday.  

Participants headed out of the harbour to make their attempts in a race that was ultimately won by a Greek team in the Energy Class with their Oceanos boat.  

Another vessel that stood out was an Energy Class boat by Tameo Ensta, a French team representing Ensta Paris, which partnered with Monaco Marine. The boat featured a sleek design and geometric aesthetic, as well as three motors.  

“We chose to run with three motors this year: two are at the front of the boat and one is at the back. They will be retractable and more agile,” explained a member of the team.  

Other highlights from the event thus far have included the newly introduced YCM E-Boat Rally, which took place on Wednesday 3rd July and saw participants embark on a 21-nautical mile round trip between Monaco and Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia, and the Sea Lab, a platform for demonstrating innovative solutions and discussing the future of sustainable yachting. A networking and jobs forum has also proved popular with the international teams.  

The final day of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, Saturday 6th July, will revolve around the prize-giving ceremony. Up for grabs are awards recognising the outstanding achievements of the participants, with categories such as the Innovation Prize, Eco-Conception Prize, Best Tech Talk, New Generation Prize and the new Sustainable Technology Award.  

To watch some of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge action, check out the Monaco Life Instagram reel below:

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Photo by Monaco Life