INTERPOL regional conference

Several high-ranking law enforcement officials from Monaco travelled to Poland to be part of the 47th European Regional Conference of the International Criminal Police Organisation (IOOP) INTERPOL. Monaco has been an active INTERPOL member, known and appreciated for the rapid execution of cross-border arrests in the past.

Olivier Jude, Police Commander, Head of the International Cooperation Section, on the left, Richard Marangoni, Director of Public Security at the center, and Stéphane Giorgetti, Commander-Chief of Police, in charge, acting, of Chief of the Judicial Police Division. © DR

The main purpose of these meetings was to invite each member state to comment on ways to improve information gathering and dispersing procedures and to modernise and streamline information sharing.

 Proposals were directed toward more efficient ways to fight terrorist threats, by increasing the distribution of biometric data, fingerprints and DNA samples for persons of interest in current cases, and persons known or believed to be risks.

They also addressed how to fight international drug trafficking by focusing on the main culprits, the organised crime syndicates, and ways to lessen their presence. Additionally, the meeting introduced cybercrime experts who are now being used to combat criminal acts committed through the internet, the darknet and social media networks.