Interview: Emeric Garcia, Top Marques Monaco Director

Monaco Life met with Emeric Garcia to learn about his challenging new position as Director of Top Marques Monaco, and the novelties for the latest edition of this now prestigious paradise of supercars.

The highly anticipated 19th edition of Top Marques Monaco (TMM) will run from 5th to 9th June at the state-of-the-art Grimaldi Forum, with more than 25,000 visitors expected. This unique international luxury auto show, founded in 2004, is attended each year by the zenith of car brands and niche constructors. It is an open market for classics, supercars and hypercars, motorbikes, and superboats, the perfect forum for launching new models. 

Since August 2018, Top Marques has been under the direction of Monaco Check-In, a prominent events company in the Principality. Deputy Chairman Salim Zeghdar successfully restored the show’s true essence, focusing on supercars. Upon assuming the role of Prince Albert’s Estate Controller, Salim Zeghdar handed over the reins to Emeric Garcia, who had demonstrated exceptional leadership within the organisation and is now at the helm of Top Marques 2024.

Emeric’s debut with Top Marques happened 13 years ago as a security guard. He went on to join the team as a salesperson responsible for the superboat department. “The following year, I was assigned to take care of the luxury products department and started to help the director at the time. I understood each sector of the event and became knowledgeable about every aspect of the show. The year after, they created a classic car section and later introduced a luxury sports car auction.” Emeric Garcia tells Monaco Life.

“It was very inspiring and motivating for me to work with Salim. In 2019, he allowed me to take care of those departments. It was not easy initially, but we have pushed the limit yearly through hard work from the team and me. Now, we offer an exceptional panel to all our visitors who come to the show.”

Top Marques 2023 showroom

The transition has run smoothly, with Emeric Garcia proudly hosting a press conference in early May to present the event at the Monte-Carlo Casino, promising an unprecedented number of Supercar world debuts. 

“I feel very honoured to continue Salim’s vision and ensure that the Top Marques team and I can raise the quality of Top Marques every year,” says the director. “Our mission is threefold: To satisfy our clientele coming from all over the globe every year to see the latest supercars, rare classic cars, and the current innovation trends; to assure our exhibitors who have chosen Monaco and Top Marques as a podium to unveil their latest models; and to develop our innovation department and increase the number of eco-friendly vehicles at the show.”

Emeric is not shy in anticipating that this 19th edition of Top Marques will be the most accomplished ever, thanks to 13 launches versus five in 2023. They include NanoFlowcell, who will present The New Quant, an electric vehicle that runs without a battery; Laffite Automobili will unveil their LM1, a street-legal hypercar inspired by the Le Mans prototypes of the 1970s and 1980s; Tedson Motors will present their daydream Targa, a Porsche Targa remastered from A to Z with 375hp, yours for the price of € 550 000; Bertone will show their GB110, a hypercar of 1100 hp which with a limited production of 33 specimens; McLaren will expose their McLaren Artura Spider; Aston Martin is coming with the new Vantag V8 665 hp; Engler Automotive will present the Engler V12 1000 hp new superquad; Porsche will present their new electric Macan and Taycan; Audi is showing their new Audi RS6 GT V8 biturbo 630hp; Pro Engineering & Design Treditech will unveil two cars, the Zorin Le Mans, and the Arerra; Eyelights will bring the Rocket One, a 100% electric motorbike at € 189,000; and Caroof Shore will uncover their new boat Abarth. 

Top Marques Monaco, Lucas Scherrer Production 47, photo courtesy Top Marques Monaco

One of the main attractions of Top Marques again this year will be the second edition of l’Astarossa, organised by their partner MonacoCarAuctions on 8th June in the Verriere of the Grimaldi Forum, presenting an incredible catalog of emblematic Ferrari vehicles and collectible objects. “Approximately 60 classic cars will be on display for sale, and we have handpicked each one to present something very exclusive for our visitors,” reveals Emeric. To access the catalog and discover the lots for sale, visit 

“Furthermore, we have exhibitors from more than 15 countries, with more than 190 vehicles. Most importantly, Top Marques has been chosen as one of the first places in Europe to see Tesla’s Cybertruck on display from Wednesday night through Thursday night.”

To satisfy the demands of their distinguished visitors, Top Marques will also have a dedicated area for watches and jewellery and a section reserved for automotive art. Several incredible superboats will grace the Esplanade. 

Top Marques Monaco in the capital of luxury

Monaco is considered the international capital of luxury and is represented everywhere around the Principality, in its top-class hotels, gourmet restaurants, brand boutiques, high-end car companies, and more. Luxury brands are therefore extensively present in Monaco. “However, it has taken a lot of work during the last few years to gain the trust of our exhibitors. At the end of the last show, around 70% of the exhibitors reconfirmed their participation in 2024 due to the quality of the audience that came to the show. The Monegasques automobile groups are critical to us and represent around 20 luxury automobile brands.” 

“When a potential buyer comes to the show, we must give them an unforgettable, unique experience.”
 Top Marques 2023

The secret to success

To be able to attract HNWI, you must make sure that supercar brands bring their latest models to the show so that visitors can see them in avant-première before their general release,” says Emeric. “The same goes for new transport innovations and exceptional classic cars. When a potential buyer comes to the show, we must give them an unforgettable, unique experience.”

So, what exactly is a supercar and a hypercar? “A supercar is a type of automobile generally described as a street-legal, luxury superlative performance sports car, both in terms of power, speed, and handling. A hypercar is originally made to be used on a closed circuit. Still, they have been homologated to be street legal and are more powerful, luxurious, expensive, and made in limited edition.”

“At Top Marques, you can also admire vehicles from another era in the classic section, reminding you of a time in your past, an emotional voyage that brings back incredible memories. You continue your visit, immersing yourself in the supercar area, many of which have been inspired by the classic cars you have just seen. Finally, you can see innovative vehicles, which will be the transport of tomorrow.”  

The five most prestigious auto shows, sometimes called the Big Five, are generally considered to be held in Frankfurt, Geneva, Detroit, Paris, and Tokyo, plus several shows in every continent, each serving as inspiration for Top Marques Monaco. “When I travel around the globe to visit events and scout for new products, I am very open-minded and see the potential in each event,” reveals Emeric. “The key to success, in my perspective, is to question yourself every year and to update the show in line with trends.” 

 Top Marques 2023

On track for a stellar 2024 event

Organisers are expecting more than 25,000 people at Top Marques this year, and as of today, they have sold almost double the number of tickets compared to last year. 

The aim now, says Emeric Garcia, is to grow the brand globally. “It is the perfect event to duplicate on each continent, so our objective is to export the show abroad and to keep improving the one in Monaco with every new edition.”

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Main photo: Emeric Garcia at Press Conference Top Marques 2024, all photos credit: Lucas Sherrer Production, Top Marques Monaco