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The number of people officially infected with Covid-19 has risen to 81 in Monaco: 4 cured, 10 hospitalised, 5 in ICU

Interview: Marina and the Meta gallery

Interview: Marina and the Meta gallery

By Cassandra Tanti - January 20, 2020

It seems inevitable that Marina, Kira and Roy would enter the art world, given the fact their parents were philanthropists and the arts were woven into their lives from a very early age.


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March 25, 2020 | Culture

The value of print

Oliver Hawkins

“Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent.” While the very talented Jim Jarmusch may not be talking about art prints, this well observed statement rather beautifully captures a point often overlooked by art collectors.

Cassandra Tanti

From the Monaco Grand Prix boutique to Karl Lagerfeld’s mansion, it’s time to enjoy an afternoon out in Monaco without leaving your couch.

March 13, 2020 | Culture

Acting for heritage

Cassandra Tanti

The 10th Monaco and Mediterranean International Meetings has brought together experts to discuss the conservation, reconstruction and rehabilitation of Mediterranean heritage.

Natalia Cola

Globalisation, boons in technology and the rise of the mega galleries - looking ahead in the contemporary art industry in 2020.