Interview: Stéphane Herpe, head of Wealth Management Monaco Markets CFM Indosuez

Born in 1969 near Paris, Stéphane Herpe’s career in finance spans from Wall Street to Monaco. After earning dual degrees in engineering and business, he honed his expertise in derivatives and structured products at major financial institutions. His leadership roles at Credit Lyonnais, CACIB, and CFM Indosuez have cemented his reputation as a visionary in wealth management. Now, as Head of Wealth Management Monaco Markets, Stéphane continues to shape the industry with his dedication and expertise.

Monaco Life spoke to Stéphane about his reasons for moving with his family to the Principality, his passions, hobbies, and what made him join the Monaco Ambassadors Club. 

Monaco Life: What brought you to Monaco, and how long have you resided in the Cote d’Azur? 

In 2008, market activities declined, and I wanted to take on a new challenge. I had been proposed to move to Monaco to take a new position as chief investment officer, leaving a sales role to join a buyer position behind the mirror. I had the opportunity to manage the Principality’s most prominent trading room and joined CFM Indosuez, which has the largest investment product platform with more than 50 experts in financial markets, private equity, wealth planning, and more. 

After living the Parisian life to the fullest, my family and I were excited to move to the beautiful French Riviera. We have been residing here for over 15 years, and we do not have any regrets. I do work in Monaco, but we live in a small, perched village next to Nice.

What do you like the most about working in Monaco?

I enjoy working in Monaco as it is an independent and prosperous country with a dynamic economy and a gross domestic product (GDP) among the top five in the world. I also like to be in a cosmopolitan universe with more than 140 nationalities, where the residents have an exceptionally safe and discreet environment.

What are your hobbies and interests? 

I am a sports enthusiast, and I enjoy playing tennis and golf. My wife and I are members of the Golf Club in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye, built in 1922, one of the oldest and most beautiful clubs in France, and we play there a few times a year. As a tennis fan, I enjoyed taking clients to the recent Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters. 

But my main interest is wine. I have been a member of the Tasting Committee and Wines Guide of the Cercle Wine Business (CWB), founded in 1991, the first European network of business leaders and liberal professionals who love wine. Inspired by WBC three years ago, I created the private Wine and Wealth Club, dedicated to wine professionals and lovers among our clients.   

I like to spend weekends and holidays with the family, returning to my roots in our family cottage in Morbihan, Brittany, and Etretat, Normandy. It is an excellent way to escape the French Riviera heatwave and the summer inflow of tourists. 

Do you consider yourself a friendly person? Do you like to be part of a club?

Yes, I have a reputation for being sociable. I have always been involved in teaching and lecturing at universities and in diverse associations. Joining a club is an excellent way to be part of a collective action to achieve projects or exchange different visions of the world.

When and why did you join the Monaco Ambassadors Club?

I joined the MAC two years ago because I knew a few members who gave me good feedback. I also wanted to be involved in promoting Monaco’s attractiveness and taking part in humanitarian activities.

MAC is an excellent club with high-level members from all over the world. 

MAC events are outstanding, with “must” events like the Goodwill Gala and the Summer Party. They occur in beautiful places with a “tip-top” organisation, as we say in French.

Does MAC’s mission resonate with you? What are the advantages of being a MAC member?

Promoting the Principality of Monaco has always been one of my principal motivations for my job and personal life. As Head of investment at CFM Indosuez, I am also dedicated to promoting sustainable finance and investing in the blue economy, both of which are shared by MAC missions.

Another point in common with MAC is my strong interest in Education. I worked for many years as a lecturer for First Finance and a French leader in professional financial training for bank employees. I transmitted this passion to my son, who works for a French member of parliament at the Education Commission of the National Assembly, Palais Bourbon.

The advantages of being a member of MAC are sharing the passion for Monaco with other members, meeting unique people with fascinating backgrounds, and participating in charity events because our world is suffering from constantly growing inequalities. 

Do you have ideas or events to propose to MAC? 

I took part in an initiative to organise a breakfast discussion group about sustainable development. It was successful and should be renewed and multiplied on the same thematic or other themes, such as education and geopolitics. 

I propose to help create a Wine “inside MAC” Club with regular events. I am sure there are many wine enthusiasts in the club. I could also help organise additional cultural visits outside Monaco in this beautiful way to discover the French Riviera!


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