Introducing Larvotto’s new eco smart shower

A new shower using filtered, recycled water has been installed for beach goers in Larvotto, saving up to 90% more water than a normal shower.

Larvotto Beach’s facelift has been made even better with the addition of a new eco-friendly shower. The closed-circuit system allows water to be regenerated and reused after purification via water collection in the shower base.

Saving 90% of water compared to conventional showers, this also model features a high-tech digital screen that shows a swimming index flag, signifying red, orange or green depending on conditions, the time, day and outside air temperature, the UV index, a diagram of the water quality, real-time percentages of water savings, system water temp, wind speed and even a local events calendar.

The shower is already installed on Larvotto and is ready for bathers to use all summer long.