Introducing the Hôtel Métropole’s ZIA pizza pop-up

Featuring the finest Italian ingredients and time-honoured traditional methods, but with a very contemporary twist, the ZIA pop-up restaurant at the Hôtel Métropole will be serving up pizzas like no others in the Principality come summer.  

Between 12th June and 31st August, the five-star Hôtel Métropole will be teaming up with Intuicion Limited to host the ZIA pop-up at the Odyssey.  

Chefs Manon Santini and Rocco Seminara are in the midst of perfecting their summer menu of pizzas, which will be made from dough rested for up to 72 hours to achieve the ideal combination of lightness and crispiness.  

The signature truffle pizza. Photo credit: Patrick Chin

The pair will be using the best Italian ingredients to create their bases, such as whole grain and cereal flours, as well as choice specialties from the nation’s various regions for the toppings, such as truffles and hazelnuts.  

Of course, there will be the classics, like the Margherita and Napolitana, but the duo is also dreaming up an array of creative and exotic options that will feature the likes of avocado and caviar.

Chef Manon Santini, the winner of the 2019 World Champion Dessert Pizza award, will be serving an extra special take on dessert at the ZIA pop-up. Photo credit: Rafael Alonso

Chef Santini won the 2019 World Champion Dessert Pizza award and will be pulling out all the stops to offer diners a unique pizza experience in this glorious outdoor setting. 

The ZIA pop-up will be open for dinner service from Wednesday to Sunday from 12th June until 31st August. Buon appetito! 

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Main photo credit: Rafael Alonso