It's almost sales time

The January sales are fast approaching, giving bargain hunters a chance to nab great deals on coveted items that didn’t quite make it under the tree this year.

Some people believe Christmas to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for shoppers, that time comes after the hustle and bustle of the holidays when the annual January winter sales begins.

This year, the Monaco sales period runs from 2nd January to 15th February for all retail shops, except for sporting goods stores. To get savings on sports kit, buyers will have to wait until 15th February to get the best prices.

Monaco stores have the jump on the French, who start their sales period a full 10 days before. The Alpes-Maritimes sales run from 12th January to 8th February this year, making them not only a later start, but for a shorter time period as well.

Winter sales, and their summertime counterpart, are a long-standing tradition in this part of the world. People are known to save up holiday time to be able to partake in the event, trying on or testing out items weeks in advance so that when the clock strikes 9am on the designated day, they will be able to swoop in and get desired items at great prices.

The sales are also the perfect time to take advantage of the Carlo app. The app, usable at more than 320 retail outlets in the Principality, gives buyers 5% cash back on purchases made, rewarding people for contributing to the local economy and giving even more savings.

The dates of the sales are fixed by ministerial decree and are designed to be for a maximum of two months per period.

Photo of One Monte-Carlo by SBM