IUM partners with Monaco Asset Management

A partnership agreement has been formally signed between the International University of Monaco and Monaco Asset Management, who will hold career events and share expertise with students and staff, as well as continuing its tradition of hiring IUM alumni for internships and jobs.

In today’s world, university students face competitive circumstances when looking for employment after graduation. At the International University of Monaco (IUM), they have often looked to local businesses to act as possible employers or to seek work experience. One of the more prevalent affiliations has been with Monaco Asset Management, an independent wealth management company founded in 1999 for both private and institutional clientele.

IUM recently welcomed Gian Luca Braggiotti, Chairman of Monaco Asset Management, and Yannick Delsoglio, Chief Operating Officer, to present Monaco Asset Management and announce and sign a partnership agreement.

The connection is far from out of the blue. Monaco Asset Management has been a top employer of IUM alumni and students, with three out of 15 total employees currently on the investment team. Additionally, one or two interns join the team each year.

The fit is natural as the curriculum studied at the university follows investment trends and asset allocations, much like “real world” training in the classroom.

As partners, the two entities will join to offer career fairs, meet with students, and to share experiences, with the end goal of shaping the next generation of investment leaders and contributing to the already thriving asset management world in the Principality.



Photo source: IUM