Japan comes to Monaco

For the 14th year, the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Tourist Convention Authority are putting on the Monaco-Japan Artistic Meeting coming this month.

The Auditorium Rainier III will be the setting for the upcoming exhibition featuring nearly 200 works by both local Monegasque and Japanese artists. From the 21st to the 23rd of February, the public are welcome to slip into a world of the exotic east and learn about Japanese traditional crafts and customs.

There will be workshops for Japanophiles of all ages including a tea ceremony called the Way of Tea by the Japanese, where guests will learn the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha green tea.

Visitors can also learn how to sculpt a miniature bonsai tree, where through a time-honoured process, artists prune and shape tiny trees to replicate those of much larger ones.

Finally, there will also be a kimono workshop for people interested in the intricacies of these beautiful ceremonial robes.

Admission is free, as is participation in the workshops.


Photo: Visit Monaco