Jardin Exotique impresses at Genoa plant show

Monaco’s Jardin Exotique has been awarded eight prizes at the Euroflora show in Genoa, including seven first place honours.

For more than 50 years, Euroflora has been front and centre with regards to European flower and plant shows, offering colour, beauty and some would even say works of art at two locations, the Parchi and Musei di Nervi, in the Italian city of Genoa.

This year’s offerings were as spectacular as ever, with participants from all over the world putting their best blooms forward. Since its inception in 1966, 6,770 exhibitors have taken part with more than 5.5 million visitors passing through the site.

As one of the premier gardens in Europe, Monaco’s own Jardin Exotique took part, presenting 26 plants and garnering a total of eight prizes, including seven first place awards.

The preparation work to move some of these plants was incredibly laborious, as many are not only rare, but also delicate. An entire month was spent getting the plants ready to be moved to their temporary spots, using made-to-measure packaging fashioned from wood and coconut fibre, the same materials used in doormats, which has been used for nearly a century.

On the other end, gardeners from the Jardin Exotique were on site for an entire week, carefully unpacking the plants and placing them in their six-metre space. Now that the show is over, the same process will be happening in reverse, with the plants expected to be escorted home by the end of the month.


Photo source: Mairie de Monaco