Jim Mellon invests in start-up accelerator Monaco Foundry

Monaco Foundry has just announced that British billionaire entrepreneur Jim Mellon will be investing in the company to take it to the next level. 
Monaco Foundry was founded by a team of entrepreneurs, former government advisors, venture capitalists and Fortune 500 executives to invest in early to mid-stage companies who are looking to make the world a better place by aiding their growth through a unique sweat equity model based on values.
Now, Monaco Foundry has attracted the attention of Scottish investor and philanthropist Jim Mellon, founder of the Burnbrae Group, who has joined as a partner with the group.
“We are delighted to invest in Monaco Foundry, we believe they are a key player in the innovation playground and a pioneer when it comes to building a new breed of business accelerator, the first of its kind worldwide,” said Jim Mellon. “They cultivate new ideas and technologies embedding the economies of tomorrow.”
Fabrice Marquet, co-Founder of Monaco Foundry, said he was “humbled” that the world-renowned entrepreneur and investor believes in their vision. “Monaco Foundry will keep accelerating the growth of its portfolio companies thanks to Jim Mellon’s investment and strengthen our unique premium business development services to early-stage companies. In Q1 2022, we will also be launching a massive project to disrupt and democratise the way startups get funded.
“Today, most economic growth comes from startups but the current model is completely outdated, inefficient and biased (only 0.05% of startups raise VC money). Think about the impact on countries’ GDPs if we could increase the success rate of new companies.”
Meanwhile, Monaco Foundry announced that Crystal Water Group has been added to their portfolio. The start-up has created a solution that allows existing tap water to be purified with a pioneering filtration system offering healthy, sustainable drinking water worldwide, whilst assisting in the reduction of transportation costs, pollution, and wastage from plastic or glass water bottles.
“We are excited to work with a driven, successful and passionate entrepreneur like (Crystal Water’s founder) Tommy Boserup,” said Monaco Foundry Senior Partner Aaron Woolfson. “His vision to fix what is a major global issue for us all is 100% aligned with what Monaco Foundry stands for. Having access to quality water coming from a London tap via the Crystal Water device is game-changing and not something I knew was possible. The additional positive environmental impact this product delivers made this company a no-brainer for us to get behind.”