Junior Councillors begin work with Assembly

After their recruitment into the Grand Hémicycle on 29th March, Councillors and Junior Councillors returned on 28th April for their first working meeting.
Divided into working groups with the support of Assembly officials, the Junior Councillors planned the stages of their term of office which runs until April 2022.
During the meeting, they discussed the expectations of young people in the Principality and the issues relating to environmental protection.
On these two main themes, more than 50 subjects were discussed and presented to National Council President Stéphane Valeri and Marc Mourou, President of the Education Commission, Youth and Sports.
At the conclusion of this first meeting, the Mr Valéri congratulated the Junior Councillors for the richness of their contributions, saying: “Your initial work confirms the importance of the creation of the National Youth Council. You can count on the members of the Assembly to assist you in preparing your future resolutions to defend an idea or action that is close to your heart. ”
The next meeting is scheduled for May.
Photo by National Council of Monaco