K2Match Investor Lounge: a new partnership and future plans unveiled

Alongside the presentations of exciting start-ups from across Europe, the directors of K2Match used their recent Investor Lounge event in Monaco to announced a new strategic partnership that could help enhance investor success and confidence, and unveiled their plans for a permanent base in the Principality.  

Held on Thursday 13th June at the Columbus Hotel in Fontvieille, the third edition of the K2Match Investor Lounge, a business networking event organised by Alexandros Dohn and Badr Moudden, invited potential investors and eager entrepreneurs to meet and mingle with a view to building connections and networks.  

For a group of young European businesses, the event offered a platform from which they could present their business ideas to a select group of investors. Following the pitches, a Q&A session allowed attendees to delve deeper into the start-ups concepts showcased by: Big Akwa, a Swedish food-tech company; Everybody Counts, an ed-tech start-up from Scotland; Swöm, a Danish company specialising in smart swimwear; 420 Cloud, a German SaaS platform for cannabis clubs; and BeDriver, an Italian motorsports business. 

Big Akwa was particularly well-received and has since raised €535,200 in support for its land-based aquaculture and resource-efficient food production project.

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Among those in attendance was Peter Harrison, the founder of EmergentQx, who had flown all the way from Australia to Monaco for the event. 

EmergentQx offers a coaching programme to help individuals achieve more with less effort – a perfect strategy for start-ups. Now, it has partnered with K2Match.  

Left to right: Peter Harrison, Alexandros Dohn and Badr Moudden. Photo source: K2Match

“The objective of this partnership is to raise the potential of start-ups and entrepreneurs, and increase their opportunities, so that they can realise their business potential,” Harrison told Monaco Life. “This way, we can raise the standard of the start-up scale-up candidate for the investor, which in turn, of course, increases the odds that this investment will be successful.”  

Participation in the coaching platform, which includes workshops and seminars, will be mandatory for start-ups wishing to become a part of the K2Match community.  

“We want to make sure the start-ups tick all the boxes of how to appeal to investors,” said Badr Moudden to Monaco Life. “The main risk in start-ups is always the person behind it, and the investors want to know how solid the founder is.” 

Looking towards the future 

Moudden also revealed that K2Match will be creating its own investment fund. This way, said Moudden, K2Match can select where the money from the fund will go and to which start-up.  

“We have an amazing team of special curators specifically for this role,” he said. 

The fourth local edition of K2Match Investor Lounge will be back in the Principality on 3rd October, and could be here to stay. 

“Bringing K2Match permanently to Monaco is definitely in the cards,” shared Moudden. 


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Photo source: K2Match