Kamil Art Gallery hosts Kenneth Blom’s Silhouettes Unveiled

kenneth blom

Silhouettes Unveiled, the dreamlike works of renowned Norwegian artist Kenneth Blom, have arrived at the Kamil Art Gallery on Avenue Princesse Grace for a limited time period. Here’s everything you need to know about the exhibition. 

Until 22nd April, the Kamil Art Gallery will be exhibiting Blom’s Silhouettes Unveiled thanks to a collaboration with Annette Birch, the founder of Birch Gallery Monaco. 

The solo show, Blom’s first at the gallery, features a range of abstract works full of blue and green hues and mysterious human figures. 

The Kamil Art Gallery was established in Monaco in 1984 by an Iranian architect, artist and interior designer of the same name. The gallery typically displays young contemporary artists who have caught the eye of this intriguing talent spotter, but it has also hosted major artists and photographers such as Ellen Von Unwerth, Damien Hirst and Phillipe Berry. 

“To display my work in this prestigious art gallery feels surreal,” Blom told Monaco Life at the vernissage last week. “Through this collaboration with Annette Birch and Kamil Art Gallery, I feel like we’ve managed to create something special together.” 

Silhouettes Unveiled will be on display at 3 Avenue Princesse Grace between 10am and 7.30pm from Monday to Saturday until 22nd April.  

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