King Charles expected to visit France in September 

king charles september

Although no official comment has been made on either side of the Channel, rumours of a visit to France by Britain’s King Charles III this September have begun to swirl. 

After a visit marketed as a chance for the UK and France to renew ties following years of tension in the run-up to, and wake of, Brexit was cancelled in March due to the particularly hostile pension reform protests engulfing France at the time, the Palais de l’Élysée released a statement saying that King Charles’ trip to France would be rescheduled “as soon as possible” and “in conditions that correspond our friendly relations”.   

Now it appears that a date has been set, and it’s just around the corner. 

According to the French newspaper Sud-Ouest, ministerial sources in France have leaked the news that Britain’s freshly crowned monarch will be making his way to France in September for a two-part visit to Paris and Bordeaux, as was originally planned. 

Queen Consort Camilla is also expected to join her husband on the visit, which will reportedly take place in the penultimate week of the month and include a dinner at the Palace of Versailles.  

It will be a particularly busy time for France and official engagements, with Pope Francis due to visit Marseille between 22nd and 23rd September. According to the Vatican’s official schedule, he will be met there by French President Emmanuel Macron.  

King Charles’ scrapped trip in March would have made France the first country to host him since he succeeded his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, as regent. Instead, that honour went to Germany after Macron decided to postpone the visit amid the rising national tensions related to his reforms to the pensions system.  


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Photo source: Mathais Reding, Unsplash