Knights and warriors prepare for battle at the Tournoi de la Principauté de Monaco

Tournoi de la Principauté de Monaco

It has been a long time since the streets of Monaco saw any real battle action, but the past will come alive this month as the Chapiteau de Fontvieille hosts the Tournoi de la Principauté de Monaco, a medieval combat competition that will feature the Principality’s own Grimaldi Milites. 

Sporting authentic armour, forged as it would have been done in medieval times, the combatants at the upcoming Tournoi de la Principauté de Monaco on Saturday 15th June will be arming themselves with traditional weaponry and puffing their chests up with gallantry and valour ahead of a series of battles on the sands of the Fontvieille arena. 

The event marks the opening stage of the French 5vs5 Medieval Combat Championship Games and will feature 16 teams, including Monaco’s own Grimaldi Milites. 

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Though it will all look very fierce and real for the spectators, the competition, which is being organised by ASM Combat Médiéval under the aegis of the Fédération Française de Béhourd, is governed by strict rules and safety measures in order to keep participants safe.  

Still, lord and lady visitors should expect a thrilling atmosphere, with the clashing of swords and plenty of swooning.

Entrance to the event, which will be held between 10am and 6pm, is free. 

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Photo credit: The Grimaldi Milites, Facebook