La Poste Monaco celebrates 25 years of electric fleet

Before it was fashionable, or even common, La Poste Monaco was delivering mail using eco-friendly vehicles. Now they celebrate a quarter century of clean, green service.

Photo : © Charly Gallo/Communications Department

It all began in the 1990’s, when people were only just cottoning on to the idea of electric vehicles, and La Poste Monaco was one of the first adherents. The cars, made by Volta, weren’t at all like they are today. The range was limited and the designs not exactly sleek, but La Poste Monaco was ideally suited for testing out these cars, as the Principality’s size made the roughly 80km range workable.

Since then much has changed in style and technology, but what has not is La Poste’s commitment to using environmentally-friendly modes of transport. A partnership with Monaco Parking, who provide recharging stations, has helped in this endeavour.

And there are bigger plans in the works. In an interview with Monaco Matin, Frederic Defrance, Logistics Manager of the Monaco La Poste, said that they were considering purchasing an electric truck to handle the 25% yearly increase in parcels needing delivery.