Large-scale disinfection efforts against Covid-19

The Principality has now embarked on a major sanitization programme, disinfecting sidewalks, train station platforms, public elevators and escalators.
The government has again stepped up measures to protect people in Monaco, this time targeting the most used public spaces.
“It is important that we commit all of our teams and all of our resources to reduce the risk of contamination of Monegasques, residents and employees,” said Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning.
Since 5am Monday 23rd March, the Société Monégasque d’Assainissement (SMA) has been disinfecting sidewalks, station platforms, elevators and escalators with a biodegradable bactericide with the scent of forest pines. There will be around 30 SMA officers in operation seven days a week.
For sidewalk disinfection, regular street cleaning trucks are equipped with three rods distributing the disinfectant.
For the disinfection of elevators and escalators, teams are provided with the necessary equipment to manually disinfect elevator buttons, as well as escalator and elevator handrails.
Photo: ©DR