Latest measures to prevent COVID-19 spread

Students and workers who have passed through coronavirus hotspots are being asked to self-quarantine by the Monaco government, but it says schools will reopen next week and events will also go ahead as planned.

Meanwhile, tests have shown that a person cared for by firefighters on Wednesday in Monaco does not have the Covid-19 virus. The Principality currently has no cases of coronavirus infections.

Nonetheless, the government has sent out a warning for people to remain vigilant yet pragmatic and flexible as the story continues to unfold.

It was decided earlier in the week that school will resume as normal after the half term break on Monday 2ndMarch, though preventative measures will be in place to ensure the student body is protected as much as possible.

The government is asking people to use common sense when considering whether to send children back to school. Those who have been travelling or passing through high risk areas are asked to wait two weeks before allowing their children to return to school. The regions carrying the biggest risks are China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Northern Italy, particularly Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna. 

As for adults and their family members returning from risk areas or showing any signs of the Covid-19 virus, a visit to the medical inspectors must be taken. Once an interview and assessment has been made, doctors will issue certificates excusing absence from work or school. For employees working in the Principality, this certificate ensures that daily allowances will be paid by social security – for a maximum period of 14 days – with no waiting period. To clarify, this means no employee in this situation will lose wages and it extends to both public and private sector workers.  

For those working in jobs of vital importance and who are asymptomatic, the possibility of returning to work may occur, but only if the employee will subject themselves to regular temperature readings and wear a mask throughout. If telecommuting is an option, it is recommended as the best solution.

The doctors in charge of issuing medical certificates are Doctor Eric Voiglio who can be reached on +377 or on and Doctor Julie Biga on +377 or 

Elderly patients in nursing home facilities will be asked to take the same precautionary measures as the public-at-large. Posters will be placed in the care homes and exceptional sanitary measures will be taken.

At the time of writing, the government does not think it necessary to cancel any events or conferences currently scheduled. This is subject to change at any time. For now, authorities have implemented certain precautions such as frequent cleaning of facilities, antiseptic wipes being made widely available and disallowing persons coming from infected areas to be invited to attend.

Finally, the government asks that citizens avoid travelling to the risk areas mentioned above. The list of risk areas will be updated regularly.

In case of symptoms, contact the fire brigade immediately. Do not go to your regular doctor or to emergency, as this may spread the contagion quickly and unnecessarily. 

Photo: Pixabay