Latin flair at this year’s Salon International du Livre de Monaco

Salon International du Livre de Monaco

The upcoming 12th Salon International du Livre de Monaco has a packed schedule filled with some of the world’s best-known writers. A bonus this year: there will be a special focus on authors coming out of Panama, Uruguay and Argentina organised by AMLA.  

Over the course of two days, 15th and 16th April, the Salon International du Livre de Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum will welcome a packed house with 177 writers on hand. This array of talent will be holding public discussions and speaking on topics relevant not only to their works, but also to the world-at-large. 

As part of this event, a special treat awaits with the presence and support of ambassadors, critics, editors and authors from Panama, Argentina and Uruguay at the Latin American Literature Conference. This will be held on Saturday 15th from 11.45am to 12.15pm at the AMLA stand.  


For lovers of Latin America, this is a can’t-miss opportunity to hear some of the region’s great minds speaking on themes relevant to them. 

For example, Panama’s Ambassador to Monaco and France, Issamary Sanchez Ortega, will speak on her nation’s unique ecosystem and sustainability goals while González Trejos will recount Panamanian literature, emphasising narrative in the last century and a half, and Miguel Franco will speak on the history of the noir genre both in prose and poetry in Panama’s Republican period.  

Uruguayan Ambassador Jorge Luis Jure will hold a talk on Uruguayan Authors and the Sea, Mercedes Rosende will tell crowds about her latest novel called L’Autre Femme, and writer, editor and critic Antoine Barrale will speak about the evolution of Uruguayan literature.  

Finally, Argentinian author Eduardo Fernando Varela will be introducing his latest book, Roca Pelada, which is filled with hilariously funny and almost magical moments set against a backdrop of some of the world’s highest mountain tops. 


The Salon International du Livre de Monaco was created in 2012 by Les Rencontres Littéraires Fabian Boisson as a way to present new and established literary talent and ideas from around the globe in an intimate setting.  

This year, the Salon will feature, in addition to the Latin American event, novelist and journalist Pierre Assouline, politician Jean-Louis Debré and actress Emmanuelle Seigner, who will tell of how she experienced the storm of controversy around her husband, Roman Polanski. 

Entry to the 12th Salon International du Livre de Monaco is, and in past editions, free and open to the public.  


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Photo source: Nick Fewings for Unsplash