Laurent Anselmi steps down as Prince’ Albert’s chief of staff

The surprise shake-up of Prince Albert’s closest circle continues, with Chief of Staff Laurent Anselmi to step away from his position. However, he will remain close to the Sovereign, taking on a new role as head of the Academy of the Sea.

Laurent Anselmi, who has been chief of staff to the Prince since January 2022, will leave his post prematurely on 31th June. The Palace announced on Thursday 9th June that on 1st July, the Monegasque will be “entrusted with a steering mission with a view to the creation, in the Principality of Monaco, of an Academy of the Sea.”

The Académie de la Mer, announced by Prince Albert in December 2022, will provide a teaching and training platform, in French, in the subjects of the law of the sea, international and geopolitical relations related to the seas and oceans, as well as marine environmental issues.

“Mr. Anselmi initiated this project, dear to the heart of His Serene Highness, and is already working on its implementation,” said the Palace in a statement.

Anselmi will also retain his position as Secretary General of the Chancellery of Princely Orders.

“I would like to thank Mr. Laurent Anselmi for the loyalty and the sense of State which he has shown throughout the years spent in the service of the Prince’s Government in his capacity as Minister-Counsellor but also within my Cabinet, first as a member of it and then as Head of Cabinet,” said Prince Albert. “I pay tribute to his action, his integrity, the human and professional qualities with which he has always fulfilled his mission.

“I send Mr. Anselmi all my best wishes for success in his new responsibilities. Knowledge of the seas, oceans and the rules that ensure their protection are a major challenge for my country, humanity and future generations”.

The respositioning of Laurent Anselmi follows the early resignation of Prince Albert’s Administrator of Properties Claude Palmero on Wednesday.

The two men are embroiled in ‘The Rock Files’, the anonymous ‘Dossiers du Rocher’ website, launched in 2021, which accuses Prince Albert’s closest entourage of collusion. Among them are the so-called ‘G4’: his chief of staff Laurent Anselmi, his lawyer Thierry Lacoste, President of the Supreme Court Didier Linotte, and Administrator of Assets Claude Palmero.

All have denied any involvement in corruption linked to the Principality’s lucrative real estate sector.



Claude Palmero, in charge of Prince Albert’s assets, steps down


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