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Lebanon included in new support programme

Lebanon included in new support programme

By Cassandra Tanti - November 28, 2020

Youth in Lebanon will now benefit from a France-Monaco initiative that funds community projects designed to better the lives of young people.

Monaco’s Minister of External Relations and Cooperation Laurent Anselmi and Ambassador of France in Monaco Laurent Stefanini reaffirmed their commitment to the programme on Friday 27th November, one year after the two countries launched their first call for projects.

Of the 200 associations that applied, 19 were selected to implement their projects for the benefit of their communities.

Among them was a Moroccan project which helps young preschool educators receive training certification in the Marrakech region, and a project dedicated to the training and professional integration of young people living in precarious situations in Mauritania.

Like its predecessor, this second call for projects targets NGOs (non-government organisations) on the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean that are mobilised around issues such as training, mobility, youth integration, and the social and solidarity economy, for the benefit of youth in the Mediterranean Basin.

This year not only saw an increase in budget, but also the inclusion of Lebanon, adding to a list which includes Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia.

“I am delighted with the renewal of this joint initiative with the French authorities, as well as an extension of the call for projects to Lebanon, a country friendly to the Principality and a partner of Monegasque international cooperation,” said Laurent Anselmi. “I hope that this second call for projects will experience the same success as the first, benefitting young people in the Mediterranean.”

Laurent Stefanini added: “France welcomes this essential partnership with the Principality of Monaco… it demonstrates our common commitment to improve the situation of youth in the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean and to build bridges between NGOs on both shores. This new call for projects, consolidated and extended to Lebanon, responds to a real need for cooperation, especially in these uncertain and difficult times due to the pandemic.”


Photo © Government Communication Department / Michael Alesi



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