Legendary bar-restaurant reopens after Covid scare

In their classic, humoristic style, Samy and Sassa have reopened the iconic Sass Café after a two-week hiatus brought about by Covid-19.
When temporary staff members tested positive for Covid-19 two weeks ago, Monaco’s Sass Café shuttered its doors. For days, no one knew when the legendary bar and restaurant would reopen.
But just a couple weeks after the initial closure, the famous eatery was back in business on Friday, just in time for the weekend’s end of summer rush.
As a post on Sass’s Facebook page showed, the owners don’t take themselves near as seriously as they take the health situation. It features a photo of Salvador “Sassa” Treves and his son Samy superimposed over a graphic of a virus, looking hilariously Ghostbusters-ish, with the words “all set”.
The duo have assured the public that they have gone above and beyond to make Sass Café a safe place to dine and enjoy once more.
“During these 14 days of closure, we took all the necessary measures in order to welcome you again under the best sanitary conditions,” read the post. “We are looking forward to seeing you all!”
Sass has been a Monaco fixture since its opening in 1993, welcoming diners who also like to get their boogey on into the wee hours. The rich and famous have flocked to the café over the years with the likes of Matt Damon, Elton John, Will Smith, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sean Penn and Bono passing through the doors.
The restaurant prides itself on its welcoming attitude and elegantly eclectic décor, though it does take itself with a grain of salt. With Sassa’s face plastered on every plate, patrons can’t help but smile at the happy face peering up at them.
Monaco can breathe easy again knowing Sass is back in action.