Liam Gallagher of Oasis snaps up Noel Edmonds’ villa in Grasse

liam gallagher grasse

After a visit to Grasse earlier this year, Liam Gallagher of the band Oasis has splashed out nearly €3.5 million on a villa near the city that was previously owned by Noel Edmonds, according to the British press.  

In early January, local fans of the British band spotted Liam Gallagher and his family eating lunch in the Place aux Aires of Grasse. 50-year-old Gallagher chatted with passersby and reportedly told one that he was spending a couple of days checking out the city.  

Now that the news has broken that the band’s frontman has bought a villa not far from Grasse, one can guess that Gallagher may have been here to sign the compromis de vente on his newest property purchase.  

The villa, which is believed to have sold for around €3.4 million, is a six-bedroom stone manoir that sits against a backdrop of green hills and forest to the east of the city. It supposedly comes with its own vines and olive groves as well as a swimming pool on a considerable stretch of land. 

The previous owner was British TV presenter and gameshow host Noel Edmonds, who listed the property for €4 million with high-end agency James Edition in 2018. It is not confirmed if the same agency is behind the recent sale.  

Gallagher revealed an affinity for France back in 2017 during an interview with the Sunday Mirror. 

“I’m definitely moving to Paris,” he said. “By the time I am 50 I am going to live in Paris. I will rock a beret easy. I’ll rock the onions as well and a stripy thing and a wonky bike with a baguette on my arm. I’ll rock that… We love it and Debbie [Gwyther, his fiancée and manager] speaks French so she can do all the ordering.” 

Grasse might not be the French capital, but it is the world capital of perfume, and fans of the singer will be hoping to see more of the famous Mancunian in and about the city in the future.  


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Photo source: James Edition