Life after the Covid crisis

The National Council has presented to the government its health crisis exit strategy, saying Monaco should be a role model to the rest of the world in how it emerges from this unprecedented situation.
Members of the National Council signed a detailed Resolution on Wednesday night during an extraordinary session, unable to wait until the opening of the Ordinary Spring Session in April.
“From the start of the crisis, the Assembly acted as a relay for the expectations and legitimate needs of Monegasques, residents, employees and economic players, in particular to strengthen the supply of medical equipment to protect the population and consolidate the exceptional aid system necessary to combat the social and economic consequences of the pandemic,” reads the resolution. “In the current context, the pursuit of the fight against Covid-19 and support for residents, all workers and economic players in the Principality remain the priority of the National Council.”
Among the long list of recommendations in the resolution, the National Council states the obvious: that the government do everything possible to protect the population in terms of health and to support employees, entrepreneurs, traders, craftsmen and self-employed workers affected by the crisis.
But it also calls on the State to “pay particular attention to the consequences of this lasting crisis on the youngest population, especially adolescents and young adults,” adding that youth, who have had their future prospects upended, must be supported.
Violence in the home also receives a special mention, with the National Council asking the government to “maintain high vigilance on this issue”.
In light of recent criticisms of Monaco’s handling of the health situation by some French media, the council “insists” on the need to defend the image of the Principality through a preventive public awareness campaign to “restore the truth when our country is unjustly attacked.”
The National Council also asks that the government make it an “absolute priority” to “use all possible means to acquire a very significant number of vaccine doses as soon as possible”, arguing that the Principality of Monaco, given its size, should be acting as a model for the rest of the world.
It would like to see all sports activities in schools, sports associations and sports halls resume under strict health conditions, and it is calling on the State to consider the medium and long-term health effects of Covid-19 in future public health policies.
“The elected representatives, by this Resolution, wish to reiterate the full confidence of Monegasques and residents in the capacity of the Monegasque State to overcome this crisis. They believe, one year after the onset of the health crisis, that the strength of the Principality’s institutional, political, economic and social model has once again been demonstrated,” the resolution concludes. “The best possible balance has been found between the necessary protection of the health of the population and the maintenance, as far as possible, of sustained economic activity and essential social life. This is why elected officials consider that Monaco now has the means to look to the future by becoming a model for exiting the crisis.”
At the end of the extraordinary meeting, Minister of State Pierre Dartout announced three new government measures that are due to come into force in the coming days.
He said that the Principality will receive 5,850 new doses of the Pfizer vaccine this week and that they will be given “as quickly as possible to those aged over 55”.
The minister of state also said that following a successful testing phase, saliva tests will become available from Monday at the Espace Léo Ferre screening centre and reiterated his government’s call for all returning travellers to get tested.
Finally, Mr Dartout announced that the CTTR temporary unemployment scheme will be extended until 30thJune 2021.
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