Life in lockdown: Fitness

With only so many Netflix series to binge watch, people will soon be looking for other things to keep themselves and their families occupied during lockdown. Why not try free online activities that will stimulate both mind and body. Today we look at online fitness options.
When at home for extended periods, many people find themselves reflexively heading to the fridge and rummaging for something to eat. This is all fine and good under normal circumstances, but this kind of behaviour most likely isn’t due to hunger, but boredom.
If packing on unwanted kilos is not the end goal of lockdown, then there are ways to get moving that can work for any fitness level and age and most can be done even in small spaces. The best part is that they are free and online, meaning no one has to break the lockdown rules in order to keep fit and healthy.
So, we have put together a selection of online fitness classes that will help keep off the weight and start getting everyone bikini ready for summer.

Kid focused:

There are about a zillion of these type of videos to be found on YouTube and Facebook. These are for younger movers and shakers:

This one is made by KidooLand International out of Sophia-Antipolis.

Adult focused:

Many of these offer live work outs with a trainer, but some also exist to view whenever the mood to move strikes. Classes range from yoga and HIIT to dance and weights. There truly is something for everyone.
Fitness Bender:
Blink Fitness:
Sweaty Betty:
Plane Fitness:
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