Link between Monaco and Alexandria explored in new exhibit

The Nouveau Musée National de Monaco is hosting an exhibition at the Villa Sauber entitled ‘Monaco-Alexandria, The Great Detour: World cities and cosmopolitan surrealism’, exposing surprising links between these two seemingly different cities.

Created in collaboration with Morad Montazami and Madeleine de Colnet for Zamân Books and Curating, the exhibit hopes to “write a new page in the history of surrealism through Mediterranean cosmopolitanism” using the works of writers, poets, painters, decorators and philosophers who were looking to remain open-minded in times of nationalism and fascism.

The 20th century perspectives are fascinating, even to the most casual visitor, and are comprised of paintings, photos, sculptures, objects, texts, and videos. In all, nearly 300 works are presented, including about 50 from the NMNM collections alongside other Monegasque collections such as the Prince’s Palace, the Audio-visual Institute of Monaco, the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, as well as exceptional loans from public and private Egyptian collections.

The exhibition takes place until 2nd May 2022.
Photo: Communication Department / Stéphane Danna