Listening to the opinions of youth

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council has invited high school-aged students from the Principality to join in discussions, as well as offer opinions, on their latest projects.

Since 2007, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) has been inviting young people to actively participate in meetings on topics that are relevant to what is being talked about in government.

“The members of the CESE youth are 16 to 17 years old. They make wishes often followed by facts,” explained Caroline Rougaignon-Vernin, President of CESE in an interview with Monaco Info. “Sharing points of view allows us to best advise the government.”

The organisation decided to involve youth, “because they have young, innovative, fresh ideas,” she said.

The young people joined in the meeting on Tuesday entitled ‘Purchasing power and social cohesion in the French overseas territories: fractures and opportunities’, hosted by Véronique Biarnaix-Roche and Joel Lobeau on behalf of the overseas delegation, chaired by Jean-Etienne Antoinette.

The focus of the discussions covered the high cost of living, deemed one the biggest causes of discontent in the overseas territories. Following a report made by the CESE overseas delegation, they made clear that living conditions in the territories are continuing to deteriorate as seen by high unemployment, low incomes and high food prices.

“We give opinions to the government or the National Council on different legal projects or regulations. We act as consultants,” said Ms Rougaignon-Vernin.

Photo source: Pixabay