Living with Covid – France drops isolation rule for people with the virus

As of 1st February, people in France who test positive for Covid-19 will no longer have to self-isolate, as the country learns to live with Covid.

Almost three years after Covid-19 arrived in France and the country went into lockdown, the government is lifting the last of its control measures.

Now, people with Covid symptoms, contact cases, or those who have categorically contracted the virus are able to live their normal lives, without the need for isolation. The French government does, however, ask that these members of the population adhere to the well-known safety rules to protect the vulnerable members of the community.

If someone is a contact case, the government recommends that they notify people around them, including those in the same house, work colleagues and friends, avoid contact with fragile people, and work from home if possible. While in public, they are asked to keep a two-metre distance from others and wear a mask.

What do I do if I have Covid-19 now?

People who have tested positive for Covid-19 must still warn people around them and those they met within 48 hours of testing positive for the virus, and for a length of seven days. They must wash their hands, wear a mask and limit contact with people as much as possible. While they will no longer be contacted by the health department as part of contact tracing, these people must contact their GP as soon as possible, who can prescribe a sick-leave notice if needed.

From 1st February, the government will no longer compensate Covid-positive people who are unable to go to work.

People with the virus should not hesitate to contact their doctor in case of unusual symptoms, or call 15 immediately if they have difficulty breathing.

People with Covid have 48 hours to send a sick-leave notice from their doctor to their health insurance fund and employer.

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Photo of the Promenade des Anglais in Nice in March 2021 during Covid restrictions, credit Monaco Life