Lockdown extended for another three weeks

Prince Albert II of Monaco has ordered confinement measures in the Principality to be extended until 3rd May. Police patrols will also be increased this Easter weekend to ensure people are complying with the rules.
The government announced on Friday 10th April that the lockdown, imposed on 17th March, will continue until at least 3rd May, upon orders of the Prince.
“This decision is part of the need to continue efforts to further contain the spread of the virus. These containment rules have, to date, shown their effectiveness, for three weeks, to ensure the sustainability of our health structures,” said the government in a statement. “It is essential to remember that the virus does not circulate alone, it is the movement of people that promotes the pandemic.”
It means that strict travel restrictions in Monaco will continue for the next three weeks. The only movement allowed is for travel between home and place(s) of professional activity, when teleworking is not possible and the work can not be deferred; to purchase supplies necessary for a professional activity and for basic necessities in establishments and local businesses authorised to accommodate the public; for health reasons, namely consultations and care that cannot be provided remotely and that cannot be deferred; consultations and care of patients with long-term conditions; for imperative family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable people or childcare; brief trips related to individual physical activity, for a walk with only people gathered in the same home, and to exercise pets; to meet a judicial or administrative summons; and to participate in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority.
The government reminds the public that visiting a family member or friends is not allowed, nor are trips to the countryside or on boats. It also asks people to respect social-distancing measures of 1.5 metres.
Police will be enforcing the rules and issuing fines of up to €200 to people who fail to comply.

Increased patrols during Easter

Controls will be reinforced this Easter weekend, with a drone sweeping the territory to ensure people are not gathering in groups, while police will also increase patrols at the French-Monegasque border to limit the number of incoming and outgoing traffic.
The Prince’s Government says it “is aware of the efforts required of each and every one. Staying confined at home, especially with the arrival of sunny days, requires patience and rigor – put to the test with the announced extensions. The Princely Government thanks and wishes to express its full support to each Monegasque and to each resident in these unprecedented times. The measures enacted have no other purpose than to protect the population from the coronavirus.”