Log book: Ocean Amazon Irina Peterson

Here is my last post from Santa Cruz, the amazing place I called home for the last week! This place is out of this world and deserves some publicity, so here it comes:
About a year ago, when I received a confirmation letter that I was selected to be part of the eXXpedition voyage from Galapagos to Easter Island, I realised  – after the initial bursts of excitement – that such trip will be prepared well in advance. My friends know my organisational skills and the joy I get from sorting everything out, and this responsibility was always for everyone’s satisfaction. Here I had the chance for the trip of a lifetime, so planning my stay in the Galapagos was very well thought out and researched.

In a place like this, I wanted to be as close to nature as possible, and in the most humble way possible intrude in the sacred space belonging to iguanas, turtles, birds and all the creepy-crawlers. I was incredibly fortunate to find the Galapagos Safari Camp (GSC) which seemed to live up to my criteria. After quite a bit of communication back-and-forth, not only arranging accommodation but also planning the finest details of diving, island exploration and reaching other islands. Everyone was helpful in trying to find the best solution. I was enchanted from afar, but nothing quite prepared me for the amazing reality awaiting me here in Santa Cruz.

The camp is a love testimony for Galapagos by owners Stephanie and Michael Mesdag, who created a unique place of harmony between human and nature. The lodgings are beautifully crafted tents, where nothing is out of place and everything is there to provide comfort and peace. The attention to detail is incredible; you are invited to take this wonderful experience in with all your senses.
The staff know how to be there for you when you need the smallest thing, and at the same time to let you just ‘be’ and enjoy without intrusion. I shared the camp with a nice couple, a family with three children and another single traveler. We all had different expectations and programs, all while having the same level of preparation in curating our experiences.

The food was another wonderful surprise here – young and talented chefs creating beautiful and delicious dishes! I arrived here a bit sick from Quito, battling a bad cold. Without me saying anything, a delicious chicken soup was brought at the next meal. I learned that the chefs are preparing a cook book with their special dishes, so I look forward to be able to purchase it soon. Or, if anyone reading this is set to visit the Galapagos Safari Camp soon, please bring me a copy! I hope I gave you enough reasons why you should choose it for your next holiday.
I know I will look back with so much joy and gratitude to these days when I felt like a modern and posh Robinson Crusoe.
Stay tuned for my adventures in Isabela Island, following a flamingo colony!
Much love
Irina aka Ocean