Lucky escape as crane collapses on to road

Surveillance footage obtained exclusively by Monaco Life shows the terrifying moment a crane collapsed at the Jardin Exotique construction site, narrowly missing motorists. The crane driver was rushed to hospital with head injuries while the site is being assessed for safety.

The accident occurred at around 8.15am on Thursday 30th May at the western entrance to the Principality. The exact details of the collapse are still being investigated, but surveillance footage shows the 45-metre high crane crashing down dramatically onto the road, narrowly missing a motorcyclist. The quick reaction of a taxi driver just seconds later also likely prevented further casualties.

The crane driver managed to get out of the cabin of the crane and was rushed to the Pasteur Hospital, suffering head injuries.

According to reports, the Public Works Department has brought in experts to determine the cause of the collapse. They will assess whether a second crane, which was set up in the same way, is also at risk of coming down.