‘Made in Japan in Monaco’ to showcase traditional and modern arts from the Land of the Rising Sun

made in japan in monaco

Step into a world where ancient Japanese traditions meet contemporary innovation at the ‘Made in Japan in Monaco’ event, which will be hosted by the Fairmont Monte Carlo in early February. 

Scheduled for 3rd and 4th February in the hotel’s La Salle de la Mer, this cultural exposition, which has already been held three times in the Principality with much success, aims to deepen the ties between Japan and Monaco through a unique showcase of traditional and modern Japanese arts and crafts. 

Among the notable exhibitors confirmed to appear at the event are a collection from the cities of Bizen and Setouchi, who will present the famous style of Bizen pottery as well as Japanese swords and armours. The Saga Prefecture will be showcasing its renowned Imari porcelain while the culinary arts of Japan will also be well represented by companies such as Amabuki Shuzo and Mitsutake Shuzojo for spirits and saké and Rinsendo with the Inaniwa udon. 

The craft sector is equally impressive, with Sansuido’s Kamakura-lacquered products and Joewell Urushi Scissors demonstrating the Iwate lacquering technique on professional scissors both on the list. Mykelys and Mimikohome will add a touch of kawaii and home decor inspired by the world of kimonos. 

A special feature of this year’s edition is the ‘Happy Kimono Project’ by Kimono Beauty Japan, a group that is attending for the second year. Kimono Beauty Japan specialises in the traditional Japanese garment and will offer a variety of kimono-themed events and performances at the Fairmont. 

The event’s organisers, Monaco Emu, will be hosting a special invite-only tour of the show on 2nd February.  

Tickets for the public days cost €10 per person and can be bought on the door. Click here for more information. 


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Photo source: Unsplash