Maeght Foundation to undergo spectacular extension

If you wondered why the Maeght Foundation was closed to visitors earlier this year, here’s the answer: the eminent art institution is undertaking a vast remodelling project. 

The goal is to significantly expand the exhibition space at France’s “first independent art foundation”. With the guidance of architect Silvio d’Ascia, the extension will improve the visitor experience as well as “enrich the foundation’s programming by offering additional space for conferences, screenings, performance, seminars, and concerts”. It’s a smart choice and it should help the foundation, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2024, diversify its revenue model. 

Currently offering 850m2, two new galleries will be added to the floorplan as well as one small interconnecting gallery and an introductory gallery that will lead to the Grande Salle; an additional 500m2 in total.  

There will be little impact to the original design of Josep Lluís Sert, the creative mind behind the existing architecture, as all expansion will cleverly take place at basement level, with the new spaces benefiting from the glorious natural light of the region via large windows that overlook the nearby pine forest. 

“The Fondation Marguerite and Aimé Maeght is neither a museum nor a gallery,” says chairman Adrien Maeght. “It was created by my family who wanted, from the start, to exhibit the artists we have always supported. What a joy to have new spaces. As soon as it opened, my parents planned to add galleries. This extension will make it possible to present the wealth of the Foundation’s collection that we couldn’t previously present.” 

Works are due to be completed in the 2024, allowing the renowned institution to reopen and celebrate its 60th anniversary in style.  



Photo source: Glamodrama for Silvio d’Ascia Archives/Fondation Maeght