Mairie gradually reopening public services

As part of the government’s de-escalation plan, the Monaco City Council is slowly but surely reopening services and welcoming the public, under strict conditions.

Monaco’s municipal services are now progressively being opened after their forced closures during the health crisis, though several sites will remain closed until further notice.

The public is invited back, however they will be required to following government health recommendations, meaning all visitors and staff must be equipped with a protective face mask.

Since 4th May, a handful of offices have been taking appointments or restarting services. These include: 

– The Municipal Revenue Office

– The Service for Seniors and Social Action continues to provide all home maintenance services (services not interrupted during confinement). Those who need to go in person must make an appointment beforehand by contacting +377 93 15 28 35.

– The Municipal Police are re-reserving parking spaces by appointment by contacting +377 93 15 28 26.

– The Civil Status/Nationality Service will once again welcome the public under the following conditions:

The Civil Registry will be open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4pm with the 8:30am to 12:00pm slot reserved for certificats de vie and from 12pm to 16pm, they will handle all the other documents.

Birth declarations (+377 93 15 28 64) and marriage records (+377 15 28 66) will be available by appointment only. 

Wedding celebrations will resume from 18th May and can only take place in the presence of the bride and groom, their witnesses and their parents. 

The Nationality office will be open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and will receive people exclusively by appointment by contacting +377 93 15 28 10 or +377 93 15 28 16.

– The Condamine and Monte-Carlo Markets continue according to the procedures put in place during confinement: tracking, distancing, direct orders from traders and delivery 7 days a week, but wearing a mask is now compulsory not only inside but also outside the hall.

– The Display and Advertising Service is open. Paper displays will resume from 25th May.

The list of sites and establishments that will remain closed are:

– The municipal crèches. A possible reopening will be confirmed at the end of phase 2 of deconfinement. This is the end of May or beginning of June, depending on the evolution of the health situation. 

– The Mediatheque remains closed, but the teams continue to keep the link via the website www.médiathè as well as on the various social networks.

– The Rainier III Academy. Pre-registrations for next year will start on 25th May on their website, and re-registrations will start on 3rd July. 

– The Superior School of Plastic Arts – Bosio Pavilion. The entry for competition is organised by videoconference. 

– Finally, the Exotic Garden, the Princess Antoinette Park, all public toilets, the Espace Léo Ferré, the Rainier III Nautical Stadium, the Saint-Charles Swimming pool, the Hercule Fitness Club, A Casa d´i Soci, the Princess Stéphanie gymnastics halls and the Stade des Moneghetti will stay closed for the time being.

 The Mairie will update new openings as the health situation permits.