Mairie hosting World Environment Day bash

World Environment Day is coming up and to celebrate the Mairie will be throwing an eco-party in Princesse Antoinette Park filled with booths, workshops and fun.

Since 1973, World Environment Day, led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), has held firm to its mission to raise awareness about planetary issues in need of urgent attention.

For almost five decades, millions of people have taken part in the yearly events, every single one doing a small part to facilitate bigger change and bring environmental causes such as climate change, marine pollution, wildlife crime, and sustainable consumption to the forefront of national and international policymaking.

This year, the Maire of Monaco, led by Marjorie Crovotto, Deputy Mayor in Charge of the Living Environment the Environment and Sustainable Development, will be holding a day-long event at Princesse Antoinette Park using this year’s World Environment Day theme of Only One Earth.

“Harmony” is the buzzword for the day, symbolically linking the ties between man and Earth, therefore the day will feature several informative and fun events set in the beautiful surroundings of the park.

There will be several stands set up, including one from the park’s gardeners, where they will demonstrate the olive tree “in all its states”, showing how the wood is recycled, how the tree grows, and giving out samples of the 2021 batch of oil made from the trees.

The Monaco Media Library will be exhibiting a selection of works related to the environment and will showcase its new grain library, and the Ecopolis Association will invite visitors to taste natural infusions, discover a composter that can be made at home called a vermicompost, and will speak on climate change.

The Mission for Energy Transition (MTE) will also be on hand promoting the National Pact for Energy Transition in order to raise awareness among young generations on how to contribute concretely to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, the Monegasque Sanitation Society will highlight essential information on the subject of recycling.

Workshops will stem from the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques Pavillon Bosio who will hold an artistic event giving the public a chance to create a lithograph from a drawing of the park’s olive trees whilst also promoting the benefits of the using nature as the subject of art.

Local association Les Petits Ecoliers de Monaco will offer its third eco-fun workshop for children aged six to 10, where they will create their own vegetable gardens using recycled containers such as egg boxes or yoghurt pots. Four sessions are scheduled at 10 am, 11am, 1pm, and 2pm. Registration is required for a spot, and can be done by ringing 06 80 86 41 52.

The “Ecology of the Body” workshop will be led by naturopath Thierry Villette and will consist of a one-hour contemplative walk focused on the harmony of the body. It will aim to show participants how to understand the relationship between well-being and nature. Three sessions are scheduled at 10:15am, 12pm and 1pm. To book a space, email

Additionally, there is the Leave your Print workshop, referencing carbon footprints, where each visitor will be able to affirm their commitment to the fight against climate change by putting their thumbprint on a large drawing representing leaves.

Finally, there will be an eco-themed treasure hunt taking place in eight stages, using riddles, rebuses, charades and other fun games, suitable for the whole family to enjoy together.

World Environment Day will run from 10am to 3pm on Saturday 4th June. Access to Princesse Antoinette Park is free, though reservations for workshops are needed.


Photo source: Mairie de Monaco