Mairie unveils support group for caregivers

A new programme called ‘Meetings for Caregivers’ is being launched to give support to the people who have the selfless and sometimes difficult task of caring for others.

Caregiving is no walk in the park. People who look after a sick, disabled or non-mobile charge often find themselves isolated with no one to speak to about the daily challenges, as well as the rewards, of this noble occupation.

The American Psychological Association states that caregivers are under huge strain, and often find themselves overworked, stressed, fatigued, guilt-ridden, depressed, and full of anxiety. This can lead to the carer themselves falling ill or becoming burnt-out.

One of the recommended ways of reducing stress and helping caregivers know they have support is by being part of a group. To that end, the Mairie, under the impetus of First Deputy Mayor in Charge of Social Affairs Camille Svara, has created a new monthly meeting called the ‘Meeting for Caregivers’.

These one and a half hour long sessions will be led by a social worker and coordinating nurse in a warm and intimate setting. They are meant to be a place where caregivers can talk about their experiences and where they can be heard as a voice of their own. It is also a good social outlet where they can meet others in situations similar to theirs and have a relaxing moment without worries. 

Additionally, for those who are struggling, the facilitators will have advice on outside resources that caregivers can use to help.

The meetings will take place the first Thursday of every month in the A Fabrica room at Princesse Antoinette Park. The meetings are free of charge and the next one will be held on 5th May at 5pm.

Despite free access, registration is requested. To inscribe, call Seniors and Social Action on +377 93 15 28 35.