Major works on water and sewage systems to disrupt traffic in the Jardin Exotique for two months

Following a serious leak on Monaco’s Avenue Hector Otto in April, which temporarily deprived many residents in the area of their water supply, the government will be carrying out a series of major upgrades and renovations to the network, as well as the local sewage system, over the coming months. 

The works, which will be managed by Société Monégasque des Eaux, will be taking place on two separate sections of the road between 1st July and 6th September. 

From the start date until 30th August, road traffic will be running on an alternate system between No.21 and No.33 Avenue Hector Otto.  

The stretch of road between No.2 and No.18 Avenue Hector Otto will be affected for the duration of the two-month project, with traffic on an alternating system for the entirety of the works.

Additionally, between 24th July and 14th August, the Hector Otto bus stop will be relocated to No. 22 Avenue Hector Otto. Pedestrians will be able to access the road throughout the works.


As the road is one of the busiest in and out of Monaco, due to its proximity to the Moyenne Corniche entrance to the Principality, workers on site will be manually controlling the flow of traffic between 7.30am and 6.30pm. The lights will be on an automatic timing system outside of these hours.  

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Photo by Monaco Life