Man who caused fatal motorway accident in La Turbie cleared of drug use

Toxicology tests on the motorist who hit and killed a Vinci Autoroutes worker on Sunday were reportedly negative.

According to France 3 Côte d’Azur, the motorist who caused the fatal accident on the A8 motorway near La Turbie on Sunday was not under the influence of narcotics. The Nice prosecutor’s office confirmed the information to the local television media on Tuesday 5th March.

The driver has, however, had his custody extended as police continue their investigation into Sunday’s tragic accident. The driver is facing possible charges of involuntary manslaughter and involuntary injury.

How the tragedy unfolded

On Sunday 3rd March, just after 12.30pm, two patrol officers from Vinci Autoroutes, two police officers and a tow-truck driver responded to a minor incident on the A8 motorway near the La Turbie toll, direction Nice. As the car was being moved and the area secured, a car ploughed into the scene, presumably at a high speed that was inappropriate for the extreme weather conditions of the day.

Tony Nellec, aged 54, was killed instantly. The four others were injured.

The victim’s employer, Vinci Autoroutes, has filed a complaint for homicide, saying in a public statement that images from the scene are “evidence of very excessive speed and dangerous driving on the part of the driver of the crazy car”.

An investigation was opened for “manslaughter by deliberate breach of a duty of safety or prudence” and “unintentional injuries”.

In 2023, 52 Vinci vehicles were hit by third parties. This represents an average of one accident per week.

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Photo credit: Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash