Mandatory health pass for more workers, shorter self-isolation periods

Faced with an “explosion” in the number of Covid-19 cases, the Prince’s Government is readjusting some restrictions, including an extension of the mandatory health pass for workers in more sectors.

The government announced late Friday that it is strengthening some measures in an effort to slow the rapid spread of the virus throughout the Principality and help ease mounting pressure on the hospital system.

From 17th January until at least the end of February, all staff in professions that “are crucial to the functioning of the State” must have a valid health pass in order to work. This includes workers in both public and private sectors such as administration, justice, security, banking, transport, and cleaning.

A valid health pass shows full vaccination status, recovery from the virus, or a negative Covid test.

Meanwhile, from Saturday 8th January, capacity limits have been reduced in restaurants, with the number of diners allowed per table down from 12 to eight people. Table spacing of 1.5 metres is once again necessary.

Capacity at large venues has also been reduced to a limit of 2,000 people, and the consumption of food and drink is prohibited in these venues, meaning masks must be worn at all times.

The government has also reduced the duration of isolation for people who test positive for Covid to the following:

Positive case: seven days isolation plus reinforced social distancing for four days after leaving isolation.

Low-risk vaccinated or unvaccinated contact cases: No isolation, PCR or antigen test needed on day two of contact, self-tests recommended on day four and day six. Reinforced social distancing for seven days after contact.

Non-vaccinated high-risk contact case: Isolation for seven days plus a PCR or antigen test on day seven.

Contact case living in the same space as a positive case: Isolation seven days, PCR or antigen test on day seven, and social distancing for four days.

An additional 127 people tested positive for Covid in Monaco on Friday 7th January. The Princess Grace Hospital Centre is caring for 40 Covid patients, including 14 residents, while there are five non-residents in critical care in ICU.

The Home Monitoring Centre is following an additional 372 positive residents.

According to the latest IMSEE figures, 67.8% of the eligible population of Monaco, or those aged over 12, is vaccinated.

The incidence rate on 2nd January was 1,270.


Photo source: Unsplash