Mandatory masks possible for Monaco

Prince Albert II has revealed that he is preparing to make masks mandatory in all public spaces in Monaco.

Prince Albert II and his government met Friday to discuss the possibility of making masks compulsory for all in public. This comes after a recent spike in the number of new cases of Covid-19 over the past week, prompting the Prince’s government to take action to prevent further spreading of the virus.

Whilst the overall numbers remain low, the rise in cases has been enough of a catalyst for the government to consider this step.

In France, neighbouring towns such as Nice and Menton have mandates requiring masks in public, so Monaco’s decision to follow suit would be a logical progression.  

In an interview with Monaco Matin, Prince Albert explained the thought process, saying, “I do think that in certain pedestrian areas, certain open-air spaces where there is a high population density, we will unfortunately have to go towards wearing the compulsory mask.”

He went on to say that for many, the obligatory mask-wearing would not be a huge challenge. He noted that many already are.

“I noticed this midday, during the changing of the guard, that 80% of those who attended wore the mask. People see that the riflemen wear it and that the changing of the guard has been changed to establish physical distancing; I think that encourages them to wear the mask spontaneously.”

Though the definitive word has not been handed down, the people of the Principality should prepare themselves for the possibility and get their masks ready to go.


Photo by Monaco Life, all rights reserved