March to be Video Game Month at the Médiathèque de Monaco

Throughout the month of March, the Médiathèque de Monaco will be hosting a series of video game-themed events, including tournaments, exhibitions and movie screenings.

It may be hard to imagine, but mainstream video games have been around for five decades now. The first games from back in the 1970s were much less sophisticated affairs than today’s, with simple tennis-style games like Pong dominating the market. A few years later came the explosively popular Pac-Man and Space Invaders, games that really did take the world by storm. 

The gaming world of 2024 is incredibly refined by those standards, with hi-tech advances in imagery and interactivity allowing gamers to enjoy experiences far beyond what was even imaginable in the early days. 

To celebrate this rich alt-world, the Louis Notari Library, the Princess Caroline Library and the José Notari Video-Sound Library will be hosting a series of events focused entirely on video games next month.  

Enthusiasts can attend video game-themed workshops, conferences, screenings, exhibitions and concerts, and there will even be a tournament headed up by The Nice Geek for the more competitive players. 

In all, 19 events will take place over the course of the month. The full programme is available here as well as all the information you need on how to sign up for specific events.  


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Photo source:, Unsplash