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Marta in Monaco a starter in TF1 prime-time adventure

Marta in Monaco a starter in TF1 prime-time adventure

By Staff Writer - August 23, 2017

A young Monegasque student of Communications and Marketing will take part in the next season of the prime time adventure game shown on TF1, Koh Lanta, due to take to the air again from Friday, September 1.

Marta, 21, will represent Monaco at the start of the competition, which this year tours the archipelago of Fiji.

Marta competed in the Miss Italy 2015 contest, and on her Instagram account shares many photos of her daily life in the Principality.

In a video portrait put on line by TF1, the student says: “When I was young, I was a high-level athlete and I was a 4×1000 metre French champion.” Jokingly, she says that if she wins the €100,000 at stake, she will spend it on handbags.

In a more serious vein, she adds, ominously: “I do not like to lose at all and I get upset very quickly. There is a place, only one winner and the others are in the trash.”


Monaco Back to the Future airs Tuesday


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