Maternity leave rights extended to independent workers in Monaco

In a landmark decision, the Conseil National has voted in a new law enshrining maternity rights for Monaco’s independent workforce.  

The government-inspired bill was presented to the Council just three months ago.

On 22nd February, it became law following a unanimous decision by Council members, without amendment, to offer the same benefits enjoyed by public and private sector employees to independent workers affiliated with Monaco’s Caisse d’Assurance Maladie, Accident et Maternité des Travailleurs Indépendants (CAMTI).  

A full breakdown of the rights accorded to pregnant women and new mothers in Monaco can be found here.


A collaborative effort between the CAMTI Control Committee, representatives of the Government and the Monaco Social Funds, the new scheme was created not only to benefit independent workers, but to improve the system in general.  

According to Government Advisor-Minister of Social Affairs and Health Christophe Robino, the reforms “will make it possible to further strengthen the social protection system of the Principality”. 

“This system will constitute, at the same time, an additional tool of socio-economic attractiveness in a key sector for the economy and competitiveness of the country,” he said.   

The CAMTI scheme is the latest measure in a series of forward-thinking policies being instituted by the government, such as the establishment of family allowances under CAMTI, the legal sharing of leave among colleagues, and the extension of maternity and paternity leave to all workers, regardless of the sector they work in. 

In the coming weeks and months, a further text on parental leave rights for private law employers is due to be discussed by the Conseil National.  


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Photo source: Camylla Battani, Unsplash