Mayor of Monaco held in police custody following corruption allegations 

Longtime Mayor of Monaco Georges Marsan has been reportedly arrested on suspicion of corruption along with four other individuals. 

The first rumours of Marsan’s arrest began at lunchtime on Thursday 14th December. By the evening, it had been confirmed by the Parquet Général that the six-time mayor, who was re-elected to the role he has held since 2003 in March of this year, and four other individuals had been taken into custody.  

Later that night, the local press announced that the five people in question would likely remain in police custody in Monaco for a further 24 hours. 


Marsan’s arrest has sent shock waves through the Principality. This appears to be the first time in history that a mayor of Monaco has been arrested whilst in office. 

Very little is known about the reasons why Marsan and the others were taken into custody, and no formal comment relating to the matter had been made by the Mairie de Monaco or the Prince’s Government of Monaco as of 1.30pm on Friday 15th December.  

According to Monaco Matin, “all of these people are being interviewed within the framework of a letter rogatory issued by Monegasque investigating judges… If serious and consistent evidence makes it likely that they could have participated in an offense, as perpetrator or accomplice, they are likely to be charged (indicted under French law) by the investigating judges”. 

Another local French language media outlet, France 3, has indicated that the arrests are related to an investigation into “corruption, influence peddling and money laundering”. The media has also suggested that the allocations of premises within the Condamine Market, a flagship element of Marsan’s mayoral campaign, could be in some way involved. 

Marsan’s last public appearance prior to his arrest is believed to have been at the Hôtel de Paris for the Action Innocence event.  

The city hall’s Première Adjointe, Camille Svara, has reportedly taken on the responsibilities of the mayor during his time in police custody.  


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Photo source: Viktor Hesse, Unsplash