MDO Monte-Carlo Prize confirmed for November 2022

Entries are now open for the MDO Monte-Carlo Prize, an international award for outstanding companies in terms of innovation, technology, design and sustainability.
The MDO Monte-Carlo Prize, organised by MDO and l’Arca International, will present their second edition on 24th and 25th November 2022 at the Grimaldi Forum over two full days.
The event has been slightly changed so designers and producers can interact easier, creating more opportunities for both to succeed in their endeavours.
“The Prize works on the assumption that industrial products require investment in quality, efficiency, technology, materials, systemic process, ergonomics and design,” said the organisers in a press release.
This next edition will see 14 “pyramid” trophies handed out to the winner of each of the 14 new product categories.
The categories for the competition are in components and systems for architecture, street furniture, floor and wall coverings, artificial intelligence, automation and communication, heating and air-conditioning, lighting, kitchens, bathrooms, house and office, outdoor spaces, sport and well-being, lifestyle and accessories, transport, manufacturing and construction machinery. Companies are asked to put themselves forward for the category that best reflects their work.
A panel of seven judges, comprised of businesspeople, architects, and designers to award the prizes to the selected winners. The judges will take into account each company’s business profile and background, as well as the stylistic, dimensional, functional and ergonomic features of the products presented. Judges will then award special commendations to companies that have presented products mainly focused on ethical-ecological and energy related values, particularly on an experimental basis.
Each company that enters the competition will be given their own digital exhibition space to present their projects, as well as to give and get access to the other participants and visitors. Internet, catering and the installation are all part of the package.
“Today’s cutting-edge technology has given industrial products their own stylistic quality and efficiency, while design is often a key player in industrial production,” say the organisers. “The convention will investigate both sides of this culture of ours, providing a prestigious platform for interaction between industry, culture and design.”
Before getting to the grand finale, there is something organisers call the Making and Creating Exhibition-Convention that has also been organised at the Forum during the event. For two days, participants will have the chance to interact and debate the future of design in industry with university staff, business leaders, industry journalists and designers.
The official awards ceremony will be held at Grimaldi Forum on the evening of 25th November 2022.
Deadline for entries is 31st July 2022.
Photo credit: Ed Wright Images