MEB journeys to Australia

A Monaco Economic Board (MEB) delegation has headed to Sydney and Melbourne on a promotion and reconnaissance mission to make new contacts and assess the potential of Australia for the Principality. The mission coincided with a Ballets de Monte Carlo tour and the Destination Monaco Office in Australia.

Meeting with the Victoria CCI, attended by Andrew Cannon, Monaco’s Consul in Melbourne. Photo credit: MEB

“Although remote and relatively sparsely populated given the size of its territory, Australia is a thriving dynamic country with a wealth of natural resources, close to a booming Asia region,” says the MEB.

The delegation saw it was an opportunity to tap into networks in the country’s two main business metropolises in collaboration with the Destination Monaco Office, assisted by the Monaco Consuls in Australia: Hadrien Bourely in Sydney and Andrew Cannon in Melbourne. A meeting was also arranged with Richard Worth, Monaco Consul in New Zealand, who crossed the water for the occasion.

Meetings were held with key players in the business world to generate both intermediary and decision-making contacts, including the New South Wales and Victoria Chambers of Commerce. Discussions highlighted potential synergies between the two countries in international trade, and in the hi-tech, renewable energy and yachting sectors.

Meeting with New South Wales CCI, attended by Hadrien Bourely, Monaco’s Consul in Sydney. Photo credit: MEB

Meanwhile, EY, which has a strong presence in Australia and organises the annual World Entrepreneur of the Year, offered to support future actions by Monaco in the Pacific region.

On Thursday 27th, they also attended a performance by the Ballets de Monte-Carlo at the Melbourne Arts Centre.

“Throughout the trip, presentations made on business opportunities in Monaco generated a lot of interest, and it was clear that an MEB Trade Mission to Australia and/or Monaco hosting a delegation from Australia would be relevant,” says the group.

The MEB will now work with its partners to decide on the best way to offer members these development opportunities.