MEB Member’s Meeting reveals packed schedule

The Monaco Economic Board met on Tuesday for their 39th annual Member’s Meeting at the Yacht Club of Monaco, with over 220 entrepreneurs in attendance.

Now that summer is over, it’s back to business for the members of the Monaco Economic Board (MEB). On Tuesday 14th September, they met for their annual Member’s Meeting where Executive General Director Guillaume Rose presented the organisations upcoming events, highlighted what the MEB offers adherents, and spoke of the variety of collaborations being displayed with regard to the digital and energy transitions taking place in Monaco.

The health pass obligation and the requirement that guests stand rather than be seated did not seem to deter the assembled group who were just pleased to be carrying on a semblance of business as usual.

President Michel Dotta delivered a welcome speech followed by Mr Rose’s plan of action for the upcoming year, which included economic conferences with renowned speakers such as Jean-Pierre Petit, President of the Cahiers Verts de l’Économie on 17th September, Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist of the Allianz Group on 14th October, and a destination conference dedicated business in Singapore with Ruchdi Hajjar of SGMC Capital on 23rd September.

Michel Dotta and Guillaume Rose with the members of the Board of Directors present, from left to right: Jean-Humbert Croci, Treasurer (representative of the Order of Chartered Accountants
of Monaco) – Françoise Gamerdinger (Director of Cultural Affairs, appointed by ministerial decree) – Martin Péronnet, Secretary (DG of Monaco Télécom) – Tais Ragas (representative of the Junior Economic Chamber of Monaco) – Johanna Houdrouge (representative of the Monegasque Trade Union of Enterprises of International Trade); PhilippeOrtelli, Vice-President (Managing Director, Monegasque Construction Company).

Additionally, the MEB will be hosting a trade show on 6th October in conjunction with the Monaco Yacht Show and Monaco Business where they will formalise a partnership with the Italian Chambre of Commerce Nice, Sophia-Antipolis, Côte d’Azur.

An economic mission to Antwerp is scheduled from 28th to 30th September and several trips are being planned to go to Dubai, particularly during the Expo 2020. They will be hosting a delegation from Austria on 8th and 9th November as well as during the Ambassador’s Gala of Destination Monaco on 4th December.

The MEB will also be present at the 10th Eco Monaco Cub Trophies on 30th November.

Mr Rose ended his talk by speaking of the actions carried out with the Interministerial delegation in charge of the digital transition, such as digital workshops, as well as the MEB’s work with the Digital Transition Mission, including the popular MENinars, incentives for companies to join the National Energy Pact as part of membership registration and encouraging members to promote the Green Fund.

After the presentation, there was cocktail reception where networking opportunities took front and centre.


Photos provided by the MEB